Adams Mobile Air Houston Crane Installation

Adams Mobile Air Houston Crane Installation 2015.

Houston Postcard

Adams Mobile Air visited Houston, Texas to partner with Holt Link-Belt for a hydraulic installation on a Link-Belt LS-218H in November of 2015.

Houston Skyline - WEB

Adams Mobile Air even makes the long hauls for big jobs like this one in this big city.

Houston 1 - WEB

Working in tandem with Holt Link-Belt to get the job done, Adams Mobile Air installed a Red Dot 9755 headliner unit along with a Red Dot 9720 remote mount condenser and a custom hydraulic drive compressor.

Houston 2 - WEB

Below are some before and after pictures to give you an idea of the job.

The roof of the crane BEFORE the installation.

Houston 3 - WEB


The roof AFTER.

This picture below shows the unit without the cover over the compressor.

Houston 4 - WEB


The image below is the complete installation with the housing intact.

Houston 5 - WEB


Another angle of the roof with the unit mounted.

Houston 6 - WEB


This image shows the cab BEFORE.

Houston 7 - WEB


The cab and ceiling mount unit AFTER.

Houston 8 - WEB

Adams Mobile Air installed a fully new and completely functional climate control system into this crane operator’s cabin to keep productivity high during the peak of the Texas heat.

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