Adams Mobile Air 2016 First Quarter Photo Contest

Adams Mobile Air recently held a first quarter photo contest for 2016 for the technician with the best picture of an Adams Mobile Air service truck and technician in the field.  Below are the top three photos submitted.  We are currently voting on a winner and seek impartial votes from various customers, vendors, employees, family, and friends to help us pick a winner for this past quarter.  Please comment below or visit our Twitter or Facebook page and vote in the comments.  We will announce our winner at the end of this week.

We look forward to hearing from all of you.  The technician’s photo with the most votes will win a $100 cash prize.  This is the stiffest competition yet and the Adams Mobile Air family would like to thank all who participate in helping us choose a winner.  Thanks to all our loyal customers, terrific vendors, and amazing friends and family who support us in what we do.  Without you all and our dedicated team of technicians and staff we couldn’t have celebrated the success we have.



Adams Mobile Air Truck at Hutchins in rain - Q1 2016 photo contest

Photo A



Adams Mobile Air at Hoss Equipment - Q1 2016 Photo Contest

Photo B



Adams Mobile Air with Tech on Kobelco - Q! 2016 Photo Contest

Photo C

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