Tips and Techniques for Proper Cleaning of A/C Coils

The harsher the environment that the system lives in the more frequent and thorough your coils will need to be cleaned.  This blog will discuss the helpful tips and techniques for properly cleaning the various A/C coils.

The evaporator and or heater coils will need to first be accessed.  Different methods apply to different applications.  The medium length 90 degree output blowgun works the best in my experience.  Blown at a sharp angle up and down on the front layer of mud, fuzz, dirt, and debris should help to lift the debris off the coil more so than blowing it in deeper.  Pre-wetting the debris also helps to loosen it up.  Wash the coil thoroughly and repeat with air and water, checking the drain for good flow and clear water.

Summertime means the condenser will need a maximum flow of air.  This occurs on brand new machines and only thereafter with a very thorough cleaning.  I recommend high pressure air and water hose if available.  If no water hose is available, high pressure air should work in most cases.  Pressure washers can work well but only in some cases if you have adequate space to reach the coolers.  Also pressure washers can do more damage than good if not careful.  Coils that are removed should have ends covered before any cleaning occurs and can be pressure washed with ease.  It is very important to get in between all the coils.  Dirty charge air coolers, oil coolers, and radiators slow down the airflow and can cause head pressure even if the condenser itself is clean.  This sometimes is achieved simply by removing a top cover panel.  Sometimes complete intercooler removal may be required.  Just loosening mounts works quickly and effectively.  My 90 degree output blowguns only need about a ½” gap to get the job done well.

A good arsenal of blowguns is a must for any A/C technician.

Written by Field Technician Jason Reed


AC Blowgun 2

A Blow Gun Such as This Can Do the Job


A/C Blow Gun Closeup

A/C Blow Gun Closeup


Dirty Condenser

Extremely dirty condenser


Adams Mobile Air Blow Gun Arsenal

Good Blow Gun Aresenal

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