Specialty Equipment A/C Repair

Adams Mobile Air prides ourselves on our particular ability to work on a diverse array of equipment including aircraft, dredges, oil and gas extraction equipment, railroad, and military machinery, no matter what type of machine you have, Adams Mobile Air has the know how to bring the comfort of climate control to just about any operator’s cabin.

Because Adams Mobile Air works with a diverse customer base and their specific design criteria, we have become an excellent partner for specialty vehicle HVA/C installations, service, maintenance, repairs, and replacement parts.

Adams Mobile Air has acquired considerable experience in working with and customizing designs of HVA/C systems servicing a broad range of diverse specialty vehicles. This skill set is developed through countless installations of all manners of HVA/C units and kits on various specialty vehicles. Our services can bring the value of a climate control investment to nearly any existing cab. These specialized and customizable installations are ideal for specialty vehicle operators who need durable, high-performance HVA/C for a limited number of cabs.

Adams Mobile Air provides the support and warranty guarantees through our network of quality parts distributors and OE dealers. We have the expertise to help these customers choose the right solution for their particular space and application.


Adams Mobile Air installs, services, and repairs heating and air conditioning systems and components, including supplemental air filtration, aftermarket unit kits, condensers, and is the complete source for all-makes replacement parts, for fire trucks, ambulances, and other emergency service vehicles.

Our products do more than merely heat or cool the interior. A high-performance A/C is a health and safety feature, allowing a rescue truck to function as a recovery station where personnel can go to cool down. We offer a diverse portfolio of products we service and install to help equipment owners and technicians operate and maintain heavy-duty mobile HVA/C systems.

Adams Mobile Air is the only mobile air conditioning company trusted to service the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport’s Crash/Fire/Rescue trucks. We carry the safety certifications and training credentials necessary to deliver on-site repairs to sustain their critically fundamental machinery essential for any emergency duties in a moment’s notice.

Striker Fire Rescue Vehicle at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

“Adams Mobile Air has assisted my team in reducing the amount of down time for our safety and rescue equipment at DFW airport. Their professional staff is well-trained, knowledgeable, accommodating, and always provide prompt service and finish each job on time. Adams Mobile Air has a crew of highly qualified and certified mechanics, which is crucial when working with our critical rescue equipment. All Adams Mobile Air parts and labor are guaranteed, so I am always confident the job is done right. I have always been satisfied with the quality of work performed by Adams Mobile Air and would recommend their services to any company in need of mobile air conditioning service and repair of their equipment.”
– Robert White, ARFF Support Supervisor Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

Coach, Bus, & Limousines

Adams Mobile Air can service and repair, design and install complete or partial heating, air conditioning, and ventilation units and systems for the large interiors, demanding duty cycles, and unique needs of motor coaches, buses, and limousines.

These solutions include supplemental heating and cooling for passengers, and front-of-vehicle systems designed for driver comfort and safety.

We offer a diverse portfolio of products and maintenance plans to help equipment owners and technicians operate and maintain their mobile HVA/C systems.

We service Bluebird, Coach, Nova, Mercedes-Benz, Thomas Built Buses, Star Craft, Volvo, and more.

Oil Drilling & Natural Gas Extraction Machinery

Adams Mobile Air has also been able to meet the needs of the Oil and Gas industries and has the capabilities to provide the comforts of climate control to the operator’s cab of drilling units and fracking equipment. Our prototypes have served as a model for a line of machinery for various drilling and fracturing extraction equipment manufacturers. We are able to work in tandem with OE manufacturers, designers, and engineers to systematically integrate our HVA/C installations with the overall network’s design schematics to allow the premium benefit of climate control to the cab. This translates to profit to our customers through productivity from the operator, equipment, and overall success of the project when running these rigs in extreme environments for long hours.

Adams Mobile Air can service and repair, design and install complete or partial heating, air conditioning, and ventilation units and systems for these larger cab interiors which perform in arduous external conditions while maintaining commanding duty cycles, and meet the unique needs of oil and natural gas extraction equipment requirements.


Adams Mobile Air has supplied heating, air conditioning, and ventilation units and systems for various military vehicles and stresses the crucial need to protect soldiers from high temperatures inside High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWV) with field-fitted armor.

In addition to HMMWVs Adams Mobile Air also services a multitude of military equipment at locations ranging across Texas to Louisiana. Examples of such vehicles range from armored vehicles, passenger transport vehicles, tarmac mechanic cooling station vehicles, refueling trucks, and diverse military machinery from the U.S. Army and Marine Corps, civilian military prototype manufacturers, and military zone freelance contractors.

For our military clients, Adams Mobile Air uses Red Dot components, the leading supplier of HVA/C systems for armored tactical wheeled vehicles and heavy equipment used by the U.S. Army and Marine Corps in all types of environments. Through the use of Red Dot components, Adams Mobile Air keeps repairs and installations streamlined within the original schematic standards of these projects and plans for varied machinery.

Whether our clients need to refit an existing space or start from a clean sheet, whether they need a complete system or individual components, Adams Mobile Air can meet demanding military requirements for performance, durability, budget, timeline, and delivery.