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Product Sales & Distribution

Adams Mobile Air supports our customers and our country by striving to supply domestically manufactured products that deliver OE quality and durability whenever possible. We afford our customers access to product literature, technical support documents, and professional estimate consultations so that they might make informed decisions that coincide with their quality standards regarding vendor choice of the components we install and service.

Our partnership with Bergstrom allows us to provide a quick and easy online service for purchase of parts that we offer here at the shop. Looking to purchase parts? Click the Bergstrom link below to search by manufacturer, category and make to find the part you are looking for. Then give us a call at the shop using the OEM No. and we will fulfill that order for you!


We have a comprehensive product list and can facilitate parts and supply ordering for prompt, accurate fulfillment from our preferred list of respected industry parts distributors.

Aftermarket Parts & Systems

Adams Mobile Air’s parts inventory includes all-makes heating and air conditioning replacement parts from the most trusted brand names in the industry. We support our customers with products that deliver OE quality and durability; access to parts product literature and technical support; customized estimates; complete or partial integrated HVA/C installation design expertise; quick and easy service scheduling for prompt, accurate diagnosis and system repairs; comprehensive fleet management programs available to 50+ vehicle operations; and parts and labor warranty guarantees.

Quality Systems

Every project Adams Mobile Air undertakes begins with our customer’s quality, budget, timeline, and delivery requirements. This includes measurable performance on a price per machine basis which, in turn, identifies opportunities for progressive savings through production efficiencies and design.

Replacement Parts

Adams Mobile Air supplies our customers with the most comprehensive parts inventory list available from the industry’s foremost purveyors of parts for mobile heating and air conditioning systems. Our supplier network of OE dealers and distributors is an extensive source of all-makes heating and A/C products for trucks, buses, and off-highway equipment. We offer all-makes parts that deliver the fit and performance our clients expect from a factory-installed component and are backed by Adams Mobile Air’s parts product guarantee and warranty support program.

Product Categories

  • Compressors, Clutches, and Service Parts
  • Heater Cores and Evaporator Coils
  • Fittings and Accessories
  • Controls (Electrical and Refrigerant)
  • Controls (Air and Water)
  • Blower Motors, Wheels, and Fans
  • Receiver Driers and Accumulators
  • Condensers
  • Hoses and Filters
  • Service Equipment

Off-the-Shelf HVA/C Units and Kits

Whether you’re an OE manufacturer or a vehicle owner, our off-the-shelf, ready-to-install HVA/C unit and kits inventory can bring the value of climate control to nearly any existing cab.

We offer a range of products and systems through our network of independent warehouse distributors. We can help you choose the right solution for your vehicle specifications, cab space, and application:

  • Remote Mount Condensers
  • Hydraulic Compressors
  • Ductables
  • Rooftop
  • Backwall
  • Headliners
  • Underdash Heaters

High-Performance Climate Control for Existing Cabs

We offer products and expertise to help ensure our heavy-duty HVA/C systems deliver no less than the performance and service life our customers expect. This includes an array of quality replacement parts that deliver the same standard of performance as the original.

Whether you are a specialty equipment manufacturer, an equipment rental or leasing dealership, or a vehicle owner, Adams Mobile Air has the knowledge and specialty training to help our customers make an informed decision about our selection of off-the-shelf HVA/C solutions.

Retrofit Packages

Adams Mobile Air provides packages to retrofit existing vehicles without climate control capacity to full HVA/C packages and we offer partial installation packages to add supplemental air conditioning and heating capabilities to vehicles and equipment that require additional capacity. We support most on/off-road equipment HVA/C system requirements.

Custom Components

Adams Mobile Air provides our professional design expertise to accommodate our customers who require special component adaptation or design for specific applications. We are able to support the immediate needs of many of our customers with various convenient and expedient in-house/on-site fabrication capabilities.

With our comprehensive vendor inventory supply index, we can provide parts and component conformity for many makes and models of on/off-road equipment as well as buses and a myriad of specialty vehicles. We can cross reference many of the OEM part numbers as well as those from many other distributors in the marketplace in order to furnish our customers with the specific part or component their unique equipment requires.

Custom Fabricating

Adams Mobile Air can rebuild compressors to suit most any application. We are also capable of fabricating fittings and hose assemblies to most specifications. We have a large selection of mount and drive fabrication patterns as well as an inventory of many unique mounts for various vehicles and equipment.

Custom Fabricating

  • Compressors
  • Mount Brackets
  • Fittings
  • Hose Assemblies

If it has tracks or tires, turrets or trolleys, we can provide solutions for all the mobile HVA/C demands of our expansive scope of customers and their particular equipment needs.

Custom HVA/C

Adams Mobile Air specializes in custom heating and air conditioning for heavy-duty vehicles and off-highway machinery. Every project involves a dedicated team of certified technicians, highly qualified trainers, managers and supervisors, friendly administrative support, and knowledgeable parts specialists. Their goal is to meet our customers’ unique requirements for performance, durability, and cab specifications by administering their specialized training using the most sophisticated tools, a strategic approach to HVA/C market research, notable industry experience, and tested and proven techniques in the field of mobile climate control service and installation.

We offer products and expertise to help equipment owners and technicians operate and maintain HVA/C systems. Adams Mobile Air can provide the expertise our clients need in heat transfer, refrigerant management, diagnostics, and controls to deliver a safer, more comfortable heavy-duty cab environment for our customers.

Reputable, Reliable Parts & Supply Vendor Network

Adams Mobile Air proudly uses these quality components from these established and trusted names in the Mobile Heating & Air Conditioning industry.