Mining Equipment A/C Repair

With highly trained and qualified mechanics, Adams Mobile Air is a leader in on-site a/c repair and installation for the mining industry. By partnering with auditing companies such as PICS and BROWZ, Adams Mobile Air is able to insure our customers that safety is a top priority.

Mining trucks and other heavy-duty off-road vehicles demand reliable, effective heating, air conditioning, and filtration. Adams Mobile Air can deliver the value of climate control to haul trucks, wheel loaders, excavators, power shovels, and other off-highway equipment. Adams Mobile Air can design and install complete HVA/C systems from the industry’s most advanced HVA/C parts suppliers for vehicles in rugged, remote, off-road work environments. We specialize in providing our customers with serviceable systems and long-lasting components, including A/C systems device facilitation and warranty guarantees. Our product support is a big part of our commitment to productivity, uptime, and a more comfortable work environment. We provide a range of HVA/C systems for factory or aftermarket installations, and supply technical service solutions for our customers through direct contact with technicians, managers, and varied online services.