AMA attends Mobile Air Conditioning Society Trade Show 2017

This year Adams Mobile Air was excited and honored to attend and participate in the Mobile Air Conditioning Society’s Trade Show and Conference in Anaheim, California.  Many vendors, parts suppliers, and industry affiliates were in attendance.  There was lots to learn about the new industry standards for the new refrigerant R1234yf and keeping up with


Adams Mobile Air is a growing family owned and operated company looking for a Mobile Field Mechanic to join our team.  We are one of only a few mobile air conditioning repair shops in DFW.  We have a valued reputation for quality work and a/c service for heavy truck, agriculture and mobile equipment, cranes, buses,

Adams Mobile Air Now Direct Dealer for Webasto

Adams Mobile Air, LLC. is proud to announce that we are now a direct Webasto distributor, installer, and service provider for North Texas and surrounding areas.  Adams Mobile Air will be able to provide full service support for all Webasto heating, ventilation, and air conditioning products including fuel fired air heaters, fuel fired hydronic heaters,

Happy Holidays and Happy 2017 from Adams Mobile Air

Adams Mobile Air had an incredible 2016 year!  We would like to thank all our loyal customers, hard-working employees, and great friends and amazing family for a wonderful year and record-breaking season, our best yet!  We look forward to what 2017 has in store for this little company as we embark upon our eigth year in

AMA brings on Outside Sales Consultant Jerry Lemon

Adams Mobile Air, LLC. is pleased to welcome Jerry Lemon to their growing operation.  Jerry has more than 27 years in the heavy duty air conditioning industry, working in all facets of the business including sales and customer procurement, product design and development, parts sourcing and evaluation, field service and installation, on site consulting (service, technician

Adams Mobile Air, LLC Receives 2016 Best of Seagoville Award

Adams Mobile Air, LLC Receives 2016 Best of Seagoville Award Seagoville Award Program Honors the Achievement SEAGOVILLE May 25, 2016 — Adams Mobile Air, LLC has been selected for the 2016 Best of Seagoville Award in the Heating & Air Conditioning category by the Seagoville Award Program. Each year, the Seagoville Award Program identifies companies

Adams Mobile Air New Larger Facility in New Location

Adams Mobile Air is excited to announce that we are growing!  In January 2016 we have officially moved to a new location in Talty, Texas close to Terrell, Texas.  With this new move, Adams Mobile Air now has a 5,000 square foot facility to better serve our North Texas clients in DFW and surrounding areas.

Tips and Techniques for Proper Cleaning of A/C Coils

The harsher the environment that the system lives in the more frequent and thorough your coils will need to be cleaned.  This blog will discuss the helpful tips and techniques for properly cleaning the various A/C coils. The evaporator and or heater coils will need to first be accessed.  Different methods apply to different applications. 

Adams Mobile Air 2016 First Quarter Photo Contest

Adams Mobile Air recently held a first quarter photo contest for 2016 for the technician with the best picture of an Adams Mobile Air service truck and technician in the field.  Below are the top three photos submitted.  We are currently voting on a winner and seek impartial votes from various customers, vendors, employees, family,

AMA Attends Mobile Air Conditioning Society Trade Show

Adams Mobile Air was in attendance at the Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) Conference and Trade Show hosted at the Caribe Royale Hotel in sunny Orlando, Florida this February 10 – 13.  Adams Mobile Air has been a proud MACS member since 2010.  With training and conferences like this one, the Mobile Air Conditioning Society

Seized Fittings Can Cause Big Problems

Seized fittings can cause great problems and leave you needing to replace more parts.  So when installing a new a/c compressor, I have found it to be good idea to apply a conservative amount of anti-seize to the suction side fitting.  Most fittings are metal and most compressors are aluminum.  Since the suction side of

Adams Mobile Air Makes Headlines

Adams Mobile Air made headlines this past week in a published article in the Mobile Air Conditioning Society’s (MACS) member profile spotlight section of their January-February A/Ction magazine. We are all very excited to be picked for this piece.  Please follow the link below to read more about our company and our team, Carl, James,

The Importance of Orifice Tubes

Orifice Tubes I am going to talk about a five dollar part that will make or break an a/c system:  the orifice tube! This small plastic tube is where all the magic happens.  The changing of refrigerant from a liquid to a gas is just one part.  The other is collecting or filtering trash in

Adams Mobile Air Houston Crane Installation

Adams Mobile Air Houston Crane Installation 2015. Adams Mobile Air visited Houston, Texas to partner with Holt Link-Belt for a hydraulic installation on a Link-Belt LS-218H in November of 2015. Adams Mobile Air even makes the long hauls for big jobs like this one in this big city. Working in tandem with Holt Link-Belt to

Adams Mobile Air Team Building Event 2015

This November Adams Mobile Air sponsored a team building event with our technicians at Dallas Karting Complex in Caddo Mills, TX.  It was a little cold, but the rain let up and the sun came out for the races. Things got a little competitive, but we had fun as we spent the day racing against

Adams Mobile Air MACS Sanden Training 2015

  Adams Mobile Air was invited to attend the Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) training event and Sanden plant tour in October 2015.  Mobile HVAC and automotive repair shop owners and technicians were on site to learn all about Sanden and the compressor units they manufacture.  After the a/c training event presented by Brunno Covolan,

Shaft Seal Leaks can be the Hardest Leak to Detect

Most people think refrigerant simply goes away, but this is not the case.  In a sealed system refrigerant will not go away, instead it escapes through openings in the system like holes, cracks, or seals.  Aged parts with much wear and tear and second-rate compressors built with inferior quality and substandard materials can begin to leak